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Legends of Atlameria

Harbinger of World’s End

Following an encounter in a deadly forest, two unlikely souls must join as one—or perish alone. Outcast shape-changer, called Ursakar by his people; Thorn struggles to understand the mysteries of his shadowed past while bearing the burden of an even more uncertain future.

Meanwhile, the huntress tasked with the execution of his kind, Keira is forced to question the nature of her mission and whether those of her ruling order are as noble as they appear. Past and present soon collide with the discovery of a relic both ancient and prophetic in design.

Drums of war resound from the north, yet the two find themselves beset by a far greater threat near at hand—the same darkness that prompted the downfall of those who dwelt amongst these lands long ago. Against an enemy all but forgotten to the sands of time, even the unlikeliest of allies will prove better than none. A harbinger of the end approaches, but only those with the eyes to see can forestall its inevitability.

Is it the will of the gods or mere coincidence that such events come to pass? Either way, to save their world from ruin, they must first discover the secrets buried beneath the weight of untold eons…


Book 2 Lion of Auropia

Exile, fortune-hunter, champion. Valengetrix thunders across the lands of Auropia in the pursuit of fame and glory, seeking answers to questions most dare to imagine. With the aid of an ancestral spirit bound within an ancient blade; his story is written in the blood of his enemies and emblazoned upon the hearts of his allies.

In this serial adventure sequel to Valengetrix: Ghost of Aratania, explore the wilds of Auropia from the mountain forests of Tekkar to the uncharted depths of the Netherchasm and beyond. Dangers abound, where lost civilizations become the haunt of perilous foes, guarding untold riches. Bloodied sword meets diabolical sorcery, and the shining kingdoms of Auropia are caught in its wake.

To survive, one must become more than just a man, but a lion amongst men.


Book 1 Ghost of Aratania

In the savage realm of Auropia, lurks a ghost in the form of a man. Valengetrix, exiled from his mysterious homeland, seeks redemption in the eyes of his people as he sets out to retrieve lost relics of the once renowned empire of Aratania.

Accompanied by a sentient blade, forged from the soul of an ancient warrior of his race, Valengetrix begins to understand that the price for returning home must be paid in blood and treasure.

Along his travels, the young Aratanian soon learns that though he shares no affinity to the gods of this realm, he is instead guided by his desire to live up to those who came before him. With the aid of his ancestral blade, and the various peoples of this world he encounters along the way, the name of Valengetrix becomes a name widely revered by his allies, and feared by his many adversaries.

Exotic lands, dreadful foes and untold secrets abound in the world of Auropia. Explore them all in this short story series set nearly two millennia before the events in the Legends of Atlameria: Harbinger of World’s End novel.

“What do I know of cultured ways, the gilt, the craft and the lie?
I, who was born in a naked land and bred in the open sky.
The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, they fail when the broadswords sing;
Rush in and die, dogs—I was a man before I was a king.”
― Robert E. Howard


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